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Frequently asked questions:

Is it safe to give my Credit Card information at pickNjoy™ stores?

We, at pickNjoy, do everything we can so you can just pick and enjoy the products you like. This is why all pickNjoy stores use PayPal payment processor. Using PayPal ensures maximum security for online purchases as only Paypal has access to your information and we do not have any access to it. 
By using Paypal for your purchases, you benefit from PayPal's Purchase Protection which provides you a full refund in case of a mistake or problem with the transaction or the order. (

Can I purchase pickNjoy™ products without having a PayPal account?

Yes, you can purchase without having a Paypal account (with a credit card).
When you get to the Payment method, simply click the "Don't have a PayPal account" as described here:

Does pickNjoy™ provide Free Shipping?

Yes, you will enjoy Free Worldwide Shipping for all of pickNjoy's products 

When will I get the products?

Since pickNjoy picks the best suppliers around the world (most of our suppliers are from countries located out of the U.S). It means that different products can arrive at different times/packages. While some products may arrive after a week, others can arrive after 35 business days. 

For most items, we allow immediate delivery for extra payment (Usually between $15-$100 per item). Please email us if you are interested in paying for faster delivery.  

*Business days do not include weekends (Friday-Sunday) and national holidays, therefore should be taken into account when calculating estimated arrival.

Will I get my products in one package?

In case your order includes some of the exact same products then yes.
However, since we pick different suppliers from different countries, multiple product orders will most likely get to you at different times and packages.

What is pickNjoy's responsibility? 

pickNjoy does hand-picking for great products from great suppliers across the web, searching for the best "Value for Money" deals with the highest positive feedbacks. 
Since the products are being delivered directly from the supplier to the customer, we also test ourselves the time it takes our suppliers to send the product and that the product matches its description. This process maximizes the chances for positive customer experience. However, since pickNjoy uses third party suppliers to manufacture and deliver the goods, pickNjoy will not be responsible for any harm caused by using the products. 

Can I cancel the order after making the purchase?

Any order can be canceled within 24 hours from the moment of purchase. 
After 24 hours we will be paying for the shipping and handling of your product and we will not be able to cancel the order and ask to get it back.

What is pickNjoy's refund policy?

picNjoy will fully refund any eligible payment if it follows all of the below cases:
1) The product did not arrive after 45 business days 
2) The item doesn't match the photo or description
3) The client will write our Customer Service an email up to 3 months from the date of purchase
4) pickNjoy will refund only if the Customer wrote a correct shipping address
5) In case the product did arrive but you are not satisfied with it, you will be able to send it unused with available tracking information back to our supplier or our testing lab.

Return/ship back will be at your expense and must be approved first by our customer service.

*Refunds would be issued by Paypal to your PayPal account or Credit Card

Njoy :)